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Open the New Future of Suhe Creek
OCT Suhe Creek Project Launch Ceremony and History & Creation Theme Exhibition Opens
Release Date:2010-12-31        Source:OCT

On December 27, OCT Suhe Creek Project Launch Ceremony and History & Creation Theme Exhibition opened in the warehouse of the former Industrial Bank on the north bank of Suzhou River in Shanghai.

Nearly 100 people attended the event, including Chief Executive Zhou Ping, District NPC Standing Committee Director Yu Guolin, Deputy Chief Executive Cao Liqiang, persons in charge of the functional departments of Zhabei District Government, Shanghai, French Consulate General Cultural Counselor Mrs. Marion Bertagna, the famous artists Yan Peiming and Liu Xiaodong, President Liu Pingchun, Vice President Zhang Liyong, President Assistants Luan Qian and Gao Jun, the leaders of the related departments of OCT Holding, the leaders of Department of Tourism, OCT Real Estate, brother enterprises of OCT Shanghai, Suhe Creek Project team, etc.

The ceremony began with the short film describing OCT’s thinking and creation for Suhe Creek Project. Liu Pingchun and Zhou Ping made a speech respectively. Liu Pingchun, on behalf of OCT, thanked District Committee, District Government and personalities of various circles for their concern and support and said, under their support, OCT would spare no efforts to complete Suhe Creek Project with its 25 years of experience in development of large-scale plots to bring a riverside urban complex integrating art, humanity, fashion, commerce, residence and entertainment for Zhabei and Shanghai and contribute to the urban renaissance of Suhe Creek. Zhou Ping said Zhabei District would fully support OCT’s investment and construction of Suhe Creek Project and, together with OCT, create a new urban landmark in Shanghai.

Then the leaders of District Government and OCT opened a huge screen symbolizing the new height and perspective of Suhe Creek in future. The huge screen was composed of photos of future Suhe Creek with true altitude and angle taken with aerial photography, with a panoramic view of Lujiazui, Huangpu River, Suzhou River’s estuary to Huangpu River and the Bund. Such a scene made every guest amazing and received a prolonged applause.

On the day of the ceremony, OCT Holding Vice President Chen Jian specially went to the Suhe Creek Exhibition Hall at noon to listen to the situation of the ceremony held in the morning and the report on the exhibition of the History Hall and Creation Hall. After the visit, Chen Jian highly praised the exhibition and congratulated the project team on the launch of Suhe Creek Project in Shanghai.

The major media in Shanghai have provided full coverage of the event, which caused considerable repercussions and opened the promotion of OCT Suhe Creek Project in Shanghai!